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How to Stop Over-Thinking & Take Charge of Your Life

We’re all guilty of over-thinking things from time-to-time…or all the time, like some. I hope you know you are not alone. You are however wasting a lot of precious time. When you over-think you’re inhibiting yourself from living in the moment and experiencing life. We only have one life to live, don’t waste another second worrying about the past, future, or hypotheticals. Live in the moment, take charge & start now, and believe in yourself.

6 Personal Investments That Will Improve Your Life

Investing in your betterment is one of the most important but difficult things we have to do for ourselves if we want to live a happy, healthy life. Make things easier on you and check out these 6 personal investments that will help you improve your life: health & wellness, anything that brings you joy & happiness, self-care, travel & experiences, personal development, and have fun.

40 Self-Reflecting Writing Prompts for Your Self-Reflection Journey

The practice of regular self-reflection is essential to develop a better understanding of yourself, what you love and enjoy, what you need to cut from your life, how you feel about certain things, and how you would like to improve and/or change. The hardest thing about self-reflection is knowing what to write about. I’ve brainstormed a list of 40 self-reflecting writing prompts for your self-reflection journey!

13 Simple Ways to Improve Your Life

The pressure is officially on. It’s time to set those goals for 2019.  For the next month or so your timelines will be flooded with fitness and health goals, diet changes, mental health focuses, materialistic wishes, family and relationship goals, and so on. It can be quite daunting to figure out which goals you’d like to focus on when there are endless options. If you’re looking to make some lifestyle changes but are a little overwhelmed and stuck with the whole process, then this list is for you! Below you’ll find 13 simple lifestyle changes you can focus on in 2019 and thereafter. 

7 Ways to Add Mindfulness Into Your Life

Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present while acknowledging the environment, your feelings, and your bodily sensations associated with the moment. In order to appreciate life to the fullest, mindfulness is essential. It can be implementing into every activity: drinking a cup of coffee, eating, exercising, taking a bath, journaling, etc. Check here for 8 ways you can practice mindfulness into your everyday life.

5 Ways to Get Motivated When You Don't Feel Like It

Here's the thing about motivation, it is fleeting, unpredictable, and unreliable. Some days motivation is at it's peak, so is your productivity. Other days motivation is nonexistent, so are your accomplishments for the day. Motivation can make you feel powerful, confident, and focused on your ability to be successful. YOU are the only person that can regain your motivation! Check out these 5 steps to help you do so!

5 Steps for How To Deal with Difficult People

Throughout our journey in this world, we will have the opportunity to encounter those that have a more negative attitude or outlook on life than we fancy. Occasionally this negativity will affect us. When it does we need to be prepared. This post contains 5 steps for maintaining a positive attitude and being more empathetic during these situations where you have to deal with difficult people.

Learn How To Achieve Your Dreams

We all have dreams and aspirations of what we would love to be doing with our lives but how many of us do you think are actually living out our dreams? Sadly, not many! We’re scared of making major decisions to work towards what we want because we are afraid of what others may think or say about us. Do not ever give a single fuck about what anyone thinks of you or your choices. Do not let the opinions of others hold you back! It is not your responsibility to make others happy but it is your responsibility to make yourself happy. You’d be surprised how fulfilled, happy, healthy, and well you will be physically, emotionally, and mentally if you do what you’re called to and meant for.