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4 Reasons Why Exercise is Good for Mental Health

Good health is a priority for most people. It’s multifaceted and requires tons of energy. Living a healthy life is not a simple thing. It’s quite difficult but the benefits are overwhelming. Most people tend to focus only on the physical benefits: losing weight, feeling more confident, feeling more energized, etc., but there are tons of mental benefits as well! Exercise Releases & Renews Focus, Improves Mood, Increases Self-Confidence, and Prevents Cognitive Decline and Sharpens Memory.

What Crossfit Did for My Self Confidence

Each and every one of us can recall some sort of experience, epiphany, or event that has completely shifted our lives. Something so magnificent it changed our perspective of the world and all of our other experiences. This experience for me was when I started crossfit almost 4 years ago. Since then I felt more fit physically, mentally, and emotionally than ever before. Self-confidence is a beautiful thing and I want each and every one of you to experience it!