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Moves for the Perfect Booty!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the past several years you know that big butts are in! Not only are big booties aesthetically pleasing but having worked for one that you love can boost your confidence and motivation for working out. Nothing beats confidence and self-love! Here I share with you 6 movements that can help you build the perfect booty! The booty of your dreams! Don’t forget to download my free 6 Perfect Booty Workouts Handout!

11 Healthy Habits to Help You Live A Healthier Life

Living a healthy life is a noble pursuit that we’re all trying to master. Every single day there are healthy habits we can incorporate into our lives in hopes of creating balance and an overall sense of wellness. Check out these 11 healthy habits you can incorporate into your life today that will bring you leaps and bounds closer to your fitness and health goals! Also, remember to check back in a few days for your free 7 day meal plan!

A Simple Guide to Flexible Eating

Most often, when people have made the conscious decision to improve their health, the first thing they focus on improving are their eating habits and diet. It can be extremely overwhelming to the newly health conscious individual to look at numerous diet plans. I am here to help! Let me introduce to you, flexible eating.