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How to Stop Over-Thinking & Take Charge of Your Life

We’re all guilty of over-thinking things from time-to-time…or all the time, like some. I hope you know you are not alone. You are however wasting a lot of precious time. When you over-think you’re inhibiting yourself from living in the moment and experiencing life. We only have one life to live, don’t waste another second worrying about the past, future, or hypotheticals. Live in the moment, take charge & start now, and believe in yourself.

40 Self-Reflecting Writing Prompts for Your Self-Reflection Journey

The practice of regular self-reflection is essential to develop a better understanding of yourself, what you love and enjoy, what you need to cut from your life, how you feel about certain things, and how you would like to improve and/or change. The hardest thing about self-reflection is knowing what to write about. I’ve brainstormed a list of 40 self-reflecting writing prompts for your self-reflection journey!

Guide to Making Every Day a Mental Health Day

Mental health is the most vital element to our wellness. Without a healthy sense of mental health, the foundation for a well-balanced fulfilling life is almost impossible. Let’s face it, life can be overwhelming even when we’re at our peak performance, much less when we’re not. So, why would we not be focusing on making DAILY mental health a priority? I’m going to tell you exactly how you can care for your health and well-being every single day.

The Warning Signs of Depression & 3 Ways to Stop It

Depression is a complicated experience for those of us that have to deal with it. It takes years to realize you even suffer from it, let alone understand it and to learn how to manage it in a way that works best for you. Often there are warning signs of depression. See if you are experiencing any of these 10 warning signs and if so, the 3 ways you can combat depression immediately.

8 Simple Ways to Manage Anxiety At Work

Most of us have had the not-so-pleasurable experience of living with anxiety or at least having to deal with it at work on an occasional basis. You are not alone in this experience and just because you have anxiety does not mean there is anything wrong with you, it just means you have a special challenge to learn to overcome. A challenge you WILL overcome. I want to share with you 8 simple ways I have learned to manage my anxiety at work in hopes that they may prove helpful for you.

40 Ways to Practice Self-Care Today & Every Day

In the current fast-paced chaos of today it can be difficult to make time for ourselves but if we make sure we learn to incorporate self-care practices into our daily lives we will be happier, healthier, and feel more energized to enjoy each day. Here are 40 ways you can practice self-care today and every day.

Simple Ways to Beat the Winter Blues & Enjoy the Season!

With winter’s soon arrival, it’s the perfect time to talk about the winter blues and how you can keep your sanity and increase happiness. Are you oversleeping? Do you have low energy? Weight gain and/or appetite changes? Are you unmotivated? It can be easy to push these feelings aside in the midst of all of the chaos of the holidays but do yourself a favor, don’t. Put some steps in place to prevent and manage the winter blues. Here are some things that may be helpful.