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5 Signs It’s Time to Quit the Job You Hate

Do you wake up each morning dreading the work day ahead? Have you tried over and over to convince yourself that staying is worth it? You don’t have to force yourself to stay in a career that no longer serves your happiness. It may be time to make a change, time to move on.. Here are 5 signs it may be time to quit the job you hate.

5 Steps for How To Deal with Difficult People

Throughout our journey in this world, we will have the opportunity to encounter those that have a more negative attitude or outlook on life than we fancy. Occasionally this negativity will affect us. When it does we need to be prepared. This post contains 5 steps for maintaining a positive attitude and being more empathetic during these situations where you have to deal with difficult people.

Planning for a Productive Week: 5 EASY Steps

As Sunday comes to an end and the Monday feels start to creep in, it is important to ensure you are prepared emotionally, physically, and mentally for the week to come. This is the perfect opportunity to focus on YOU. If you take the time to focus on yourself, it is likely you will be and feel more productive during the week.