5 Ways to Get out of a Bad Mood

5 Ways to Get out of a Bad Mood

Let’s be honest, bad moods are a bitch. We woke up sour, our husband, manager, or friend, said something stupid, our coworkers are aggravating us. We may have absolutely no clue why we’re pissed off we just are and anyone that continues to comment on it gets their head ripped off. 

Don’t feel bad! We’ve all been there. I am guilty of being an angry monster on more than a few occasions. However, bad days are inevitable! They’ve happened before today and they will happen after today. Sometimes we are just thrown a negative day: we woke up late and missed a meeting, we spilled our coffee walking out the door, our children are ripping the house apart, our spouse is too occupied by the football game to see we’re overwhelmed, whatever the case may be. That does not mean we have to give in and allow the dark cloud of negativity to rain its sour negative thoughts into our lives all day. Instead, we can choose to turn things around.

For what it’s worth, over recent months, I have really been trying to turn my bad days into positive enjoyable ones. I’ve realized it’s much easier to work towards having a positive day than it is to give into negativity and continue to fall down the shire hole of bad days. If you allow your day to get worse it will and I’m telling you now, it’s not worth it!

Choosing to change the state of your mind in everything. Here’s a step by step guide for what I do to turn things around.

1. Take a Moment For Yourself

Remove yourself from the situation. Sometimes all we need is to leave wherever we are, find somewhere quiet and away from others, and breathe in silence. Focus on your breathing: breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, and breathe out for 5 seconds. Another helpful technique is to look around the room or wherever you are outside and identify the following things: what do you see, what do you hear, what do you taste, smell, feel? Is the grass that you’re sitting on cool beneath your feet? Is the wind blowing and causing the trees to make the calming wooooosh sound. Ground yourself and focus on that moment only. Once you are calm, move on to the next step.

2. What Are You Focusing On?

Thoughts, negative and positive, can affect the way we perceive everything that goes on around us. Whatever we are focusing on and giving our attention to becomes our reality. If we continue to think negative thoughts, we will continue to feel negative. It is going to be impossible to transition from a negative to a positive mood if we continue to be upset and hold onto whatever is causing us to feel this way. Whatever caused you to feel angry, stressed, upset, or sad you need to first acknowledge, realize okay this is why I’m mad, secondly, you need to assess the purpose of your response to the situation, what am I getting out of this, and thirdly learn from your response, let it go, and decide to move on to happier ventures. 

What we give our attention to becomes our reality. If we think negative thoughts we will be negative, if we think positive thoughts we will be positive.

3. Choose to Change Your Mood

Decide to let go of the things causing these negative thoughts in your mind. Choose to value feeling good. If a positive mantra will help you make this shift, utilize it! Sometimes I will tell myself, “This is not going to ruin my day, I can move on from here, today is going to be a great day”. Yours may be completely different of course but whatever you resonate with is perfect! 

4. Engage in Positive Self-Talk

You are unique, powerful, kind, understanding, patient. You are everything you want to be. You are absolutely amazing and you are worthy of a positive day. If you are kind to yourself and radiate this energy into the world, the world will return the favor. It is amazing what the energy of the world will do if you seek it. 

5. Flood Your Day with Positivity

There are days when mindfulness helps turn my day around and there are days when mindfulness does nothing for me. Regardless of which road I am stumbling down, I put as much energy as I can into flooding my day with positivity. I do things that bring me happiness, things I can look forward to. Usually for me this includes jiu jitsu, crossfit, Netflix binging, ice cream, or sharing all of my thoughts with a loved one or friend. It can be anything: reading a book, taking your puppy to the dog park, going to a movie, texting or calling your mother, father, friend. Whatever warms your little soul, do that. 

Even if things have not improved much up until this point, your day will likely turn around when you invest energy into positive things. 


Do you find these techniques helpful? What do you do to turn your day around? Share! I’m always interested in learning new mindfulness techniques! It is impossible to know too many.

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