5 Things I Do to Work Through Difficult Times

5 Things I Do to Work Through Difficult Times

Navigating through life can be extremely difficult at times.

Chances are, you’ve experienced hard times at least once or maybe a few different times in your life.

You grow and change, those around you grow and change, environments change, you gain and lose relationships and friendships, lose loved ones, and so on.

Sometimes it feels as though shit hits the fan all at once. It’s never a single issue that resolves, it’s usually a domino effect. One situation leads to another, which then leads to another, and so on.

It can feel endless. Heavy. Leave you feeling lost and overthinking even the simplest situations.

No matter what you do though, those life lulls are going to happen. It’s all a part of life’s struggle and beauty. 

I’m not ashamed to say that I have been in quite the lull for the past few months. Not only has it been a time of awakening but it’s also been a time of sadness. Often when you grow into a new stage in your life, people and things have to be left behind. That can be the most difficult part. I’ve been trying to dig my way out of this funk and confusion for quite some time and finally feel as though I’m making some progress. 

Because I know we all go through lows, I hope you find this information helpful as you work through any challenges you may be facing now or in the future.

Accept What You’re Going Through

The first thing you need to do is accept what you’re going through. 

Denial is never an effective coping skill. Trust me, I’ve tried it on numerous occasions. It only prolongs the situation and usually, whatever it is that you’re trying to bury, will make its way to the surface eventually, with or without your consent. 

Say it out loud if you need to. Know that everyone goes through difficult times. Accept that you may not know what you need to do to work through or grow from the situation but know that you hold everything within you to overcome it. 

It probably will not happen overnight but eventually, you’ll look back and realize you’ve made it past it.

Feel Those Emotions

Most often it’s uncomfortable to feel emotions so deeply. 

I am the first to try to keep myself so busy that I don’t have time to feel, time to think about what I’m feeling. If you ignore something it’ll go away right? Surprisingly to me, but probably not to you because you’re smart, I’ve learned that this helps no one. 

Unless you’re a straight sociopath, you’re going to need to release what you’re feeling, understand why you’re feeling it, and then move on. 

Change Your Routine/Environment

It’s difficult to work through things when you’re doing the same thing over and over. If you keep the same routine, experience the same or similar things every day, your perspective will always remain the same.

Sometimes switching things up a little bit can allow you to understand and view your situation in a different light.

The extent to which you change up your routine or environment is completely up to you. I personally would love to hop on a plane to somewhere new or somewhere I love but because that’s not always a realistic option, you can keep it simple.

Changing your routine can be as simple as taking a different route to work, meeting up with a friend, going some place new for dinner, games, etc. 

Just step out of your routine for a moment and it may freshen your eyes.

Embrace Change

When you are living in a way not meant for you, your response to the environment you’re in, the people you’re around, and the things you’re doing will change. You will feel it deep within you.

Maybe the job that gave you meaningful purpose isn’t meaningful anymore. Maybe the strong feelings you felt for a significant other have faded. Maybe you’re noticing how negative your good friend is. 

Whatever emotion it is you may be feeling, embrace it.

Intrinsically you know what is not good for you, so whenever you feel yourself growing away from a certain thing, remind yourself that although it may be painful, you are growing into a new phase in your life, a phase meant for you.

Find New Sources of Fulfillment 

You are changing, so it makes sense that your established sources of fulfillment are no longer fulfilling.

Cut those things from your life that are no longer fulfilling and find things that are. It may take some time to actually figure out what it is that’s fulfilling and how to invest your energy into it but you’ll figure it out.

In Conclusion

Be patient with yourself.

You’re going through all sorts of changes and restructuring. It takes a lot of energy and time but it is so worth it to live the life you were meant to.

I sincerely hope you find this information helpful for working through difficult times, decisions, and changes!

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