25 Self-Care Ideas for the Holidays

25 Self-Care Ideas for the Holidays

Writing about self-care is one of my absolute favorite things. Mix that with my love for the holidays and you’ve got the perfect match. Seriously. I couldn’t help but want to share with you some amazing self-care ideas you should try this month.

Let’s face it, December is a wonderful time but it is also super crazy. It seems as though you get busier and busier and the month just flies by quicker and quicker, leaving you exhausted. And if for some reason you don’t enjoy this time of year then it’s even more draining.

You focus primarily on giving to others: purchasing gifts for the family, attending the million holiday parties and fundraisers that come up, participating in several secret Santa gift exchanges, cooking, baking, decorating, etc. The list goes on.
During all of this chaos, it’s important to remember YOU. The better you take care of yourself and do things you enjoy, the more you’ll enjoy this holiday season. Here are some self-care ideas you can implement into your routine this month.

Create Space to Enjoy the Simple Things You Love About the Holidays

What do you love to do at this time of year? Write down a list of your favorite things and focus on doing them, even if you have to do them alone. Here are some ideas if you feel stumped.

1. Decorate your home with Christmas lights.

2. Decorate a Christmas tree.

3. Enjoy hot chocolate or tea by the lights or in front of the fire place. 

4. Get comfy in a holiday onesie or fuzzy socks.

5. Sit near the fire or the lit tree without any background noise.

6. Go for a drive through all the best neighborhoods with all of the best lights.

7. Attend a local holiday event. 

8. Melt holiday scents in your warmer.

9. Make your favorite holiday dessert. 

10. Watch your favorite holiday classic (A Christmas Story, A Charlie Brown Christmas, etc.)

11. Listen to holiday music (if you’re into that sort of thing).

12. Go snowboarding, skiing, or hiking in the snow.

13. If you live in the desert, find some snow! It can be very relaxing.

14. Attend a hot yoga class; it feels so rejuvenating to walk out of a hot yoga class into the chilly weather.

15. Attend a holiday fundraiser like Toys for Tots, volunteer at a local shelter, or donate money to a cause you care about.

Connect with Those You Love

Sure there are tons of things to do but lots of times things like company holiday parties and events can leave you feeling like you don’t have a choice. It’s more an obligation. Although you may attend some events like this, it’s important to spend time with those you love, those that bring you happiness joy.

16. Try a new holiday recipe with a friend or loved one.

17. Skype or call a loved one or family member that doesn’t live near you.

18. Grab coffee or a treat with someone you enjoy.

19. Start a new tradition with your children.

20. Spend a night in with your family: watch a movie, do a craft.

Feel all of the Feelings

This time of year is not always joyful; it can be very hard at times. Maybe you feel lonely or miss someone that is no longer here. Whatever the case, it is okay to feel what you are feeling.

21. Start a mantle for loved ones no longer with you that you’re missing.

22. Allow yourself to feel. You need to cry, cry. You’re happy, smile.

23. Make a list of all of your favorite holiday memories and start a new tradition for your family      connecting the different generations. 

24. Write down what you’re feeling and what you can do to release these emotions.

25. Look through photo albums.

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